Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a half day yesterday ending in Erie at dusk, in the rain.  Today we'll shoot for 6-700 miles.  To curb the interstate tedium, we started another little game.  This Grand Tour, sponsored by a club in South Dakota,  requires you to collect towns with water references in their name.  All photos must be of buildings with the name on them.  No name can repeat.  One Liverpool, for instance and one riding season to record results.  So, every so often, we plan to exit the slab, find a water named town, get a photo, and move on.  While I have my GPS running on our route, Robin uses her GPS to do a littler searching about.  Finding motels and the like is made easier this way too.  This collection game will make us see some spots we would not otherwise pay any attention to. Jack and Marlene Baker, Iron Butt Association friends, are the coordinators of this: thanks to them.  Yesterday,  we found two: Harborcreek, Pa., and Silver Creek, NY.  botbh close to the NY/PA border.  And to our house sitters, Patrick and Linda Luzinas, we couldn't do this without your help. . .and my forgotten electric gloves?  Thanks for your help.  Guthrie is with Marvin and Leslie.  They are great godparents.


  1. sounds like a fun game...(as you get closer to the Mississippi, you may be seeing LOTS of towns with water in them...)

  2. Dueling GPS's! Those GnH guys better never ever grouse about me again! Ride safe and, Robin, give him a swat every once in a while just to keep him in line!